Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Links

The truth about pumpkin flavored products
(It could be worse, right?)

Ads that inspire girls to be more than a princess

Kate Middleton is like a real life American Girl doll
(My ten year old self would say dreams do come true...)

An unbelievable case from a student at UCONN witnessing abuse
(One word: horrifying)

I'm super excited for Girl Meets World eventually, but for now looking back on the
"bromance" between Mr. Feeny and Eric

The looks from VS 2013 Fashion Show
(I gotta say, Taylor Swift fits in perfectly!)

Interesting article on the value of a Pinterest pin
(Never thought of pinning in terms of cents)

Jackie Kennedy's infamous pink suit locked away in a vault
(Today, its been 50 years since JFK was tragically murdered...)


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