Monday, November 11, 2013

Lazy Winter Weekends

Last week was just one of those weeks that drags on for.ev.errr....
By Thursday night I was exhausted but had a test Friday morning I had been determined
to ace all semester. Thanks to group study buddies, flash cards, and coffee, my two am all nighter
and restless sleep actually helped me feel like I did okay on this test. 
We'll see when the grade comes back Friday...

Anyways, this weekend I pretty much stayed in my dorm. I literally only went out three times 
the entire weekend, and it felt great. Saturday I totally put off any homework and stayed in bed and watched tv. Not the most productive, but I needed a day of rest free from any homework. 
 I woke up at 6:30 am thinking I would feel refreshed but I seriously took three naps the 
whole day. 

Typically, I hate feeling lazy but obviously my body (and brain) have needed some much deserved R&R to get me through the rest of this semester hump. Until I go home for Thanksgiving break in two and a half weeks (sooo excited), this combination of cozy pajamas, lattes, Netflix, and new nail polish may have to become a more common winter weekend morning occurrence...

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