Saturday, October 19, 2013

Current Happenings

1. I am SO SO SO excited to be watching the Head of the Charles Regatta tomorrow although I know absolutely nothing about rowing. So, I made sure to do a little research.

2. I absolutely love Jane Eyre and any time I can pretend to have parallel lives lessons as my favorite literary characters, I'm down. This article is just hilarious. 

3. I recently had to do a paper about a Sesame Street video. Okay, so it was a little more complex than that, but it got me hooked on watching Sesame Street videos on Youtube. This video is seriously the best. Sorry I'm not sorry I still find this video hilarious the 67th 68th time around...

4. We were recently privileged to have Carol Cone from Edelman (one of the world's largest PR Firms) come and speak to us about PR, life at a big firm, and reaching your dreams. She recommended we start reading owner Richard Edelman's blog, 6 A.M. to gain some insight into PR, but also to just read some good writing. She was right; this blog post is really interesting. 

5. Levo League launched their very own iPhone app this week where you can update your resume on the go and read their career tips aka blog posts straight to your phone! Oh, and it's free!

6. As a big Full House fan growing up, I was shocked to hear the twins wore none other than Chanel and Marc Jacobs on the show... um, excuse me, what?!!

7.  The only time I've ever felt a desire need to go to to Missouri. Where is that again?

8. I don't have a tv in my dorm, but it's shows like these when I wish I did. As a self professed Anglophile, I was hoping reviews would be good for this new tv show. But, as I suspected it has gotten mostly negative reviews. Has anyone watched it? Do tell.

9. For my philosophy class, we recently read Frederick Douglass's short biography about his life as a slave during 19th century America and his brave escape for freedom. Admittedly, I read the book in a single night, completely engrossed. I am now really excited to see this film

10. I am definitely going to try making this in my dorm one day...

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