Sunday, October 20, 2013

Care Packages for College Student

I'm really lucky. I get care packages from home at least every other week.
My parents are just the best.
Here are some of the fun (and serious) things my parents send me...

Pencils: I always lend pencils... and sometimes don't get them back. These Amanda Catherine ones
might make me keep a tighter grip on them though. 

Hair ties: A girl can never have too many! Plus, I always lose mine or break them, but these from Anthropologie are strong and cute. 

Snacks on the go: I constantly need things to eat on the run. My favorites? KIND bars

Antibacterial Wipes: I constantly use them to clean my dorm or on the go.
 There is nothing worse than a sticky desk.

Nail Polish: I recently posted about my favorite Essie colors here

Chapstick: I love this one from Origins. I use it 24/7.

Socks: I swear our laundry machines eat them. This pair is perfect for the holidays!

Starbucks Gift Cards: We're college students; we survive on caffeine.

Ear plugs: When your upstairs neighbor decides to play the bongo at 2 am in the morning, you realize how necessary these are. #truestory

iPhone charger for on the go: By 1pm everyday my battery starts to hit 30% and I usually still have at least one more lecture to go... and I really need to check my Instagram between lectures, right?! This one from Lilly Pulitzer is too cute.

If you could also find a way to include the family cat as well, I might just adopt you as my parent.

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