Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Better in Leather with Madewell

Maybe it's because I'm now living up north, but I have been obsessed with
 incorporating leather into outfits, and I don't mean just shoes, purses, or belts.
I've seen Madewell's stuff before, but where I lived we didn't have any close by. Now that
I live in Boston, I've peaked into Madewell's store quite a few times and have (so far)
stopped myself from buying everything in their leather collection.

Of course their billie bootie and essex messenger bag are gorgeous, but
leather, peplum, scalloped top? #omg
leather skater skirt? #makesmewannatwirl
classic structured leather jacket? #madeforfallplaid

P.S.- Looking for last minute costume ideas? Check out this post.


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