Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kennedy Biographies

After reading the biography, Mrs. Kennedy and Me, I fell in love with Jackie Kennedy. I now understood America's fascination with this iconic woman, even almost twenty years after her death in 1994. The book gave a touching portrait of a spontaneous, classy woman through the eyes of her main secret service man whom she had a mutual fondness and trusting relationship with.
After reading the book, I felt that I wanted to expand my knowledge on her life beyond the White House and I wanted to learn more about the Kennedy clan too.


The Women of Camelot and After Camelot (the sequel) by Randy Taraborrelli are two very in depth biographies that give intimate details on the three Kennedy wives- Ethel, Joan, and Jackie- as well as their husbands, the Kennedy matriarchs Rose and Joe, the Kennedy siblings and their husbands, and the future Kennedy heirs. The first biography focuses on the lives of the Kennedy clan from the beginning of JFK's presidency until his and Bobby's tragic deaths. The sequel then picks up to life after the two brothers' deaths and the changed futures of the Kennedy family. Both novels show the magical grace and power the Kennedy's had crafted when they were in the White House and how the walls of Camelot came crashing down and the glory days never recaptured.

The books shine though with their compelling portraits of an ambitious family's severe loyalty to each other and America. It's interesting to see how some of the family is or isn't able to move past the glory days of Camelot and sadly realize they can never again repeat the past. Overall, the books are factual and rarely have a gossipy tone which makes them an interesting read that never stiff or boring.
I highly recommend the books if you love Jackie Kennedy or
America's most famous political, preppiest "royal" family.

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