Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Advice for a Career Tyro: The Cream Rises to the Top

My mom was watching Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live last week and
told me I had to watch the episode with Bethenny Frankel because she gave a really good
piece of advice. I personally am not a huge reality tv show fan, but I found parts of the episode
online found her little pearl of wisdom enlightening...

Watch the clip of for the entire quote here.

Being in college has been easier and harder in many ways I did and didn't plan on. 
Being independent has been easier than I expected while finding serious friendships
has been a struggle. I'm not a huge party girl and am not afraid to say that I spent my last
Saturday night doing laundry, going to the gym, blogging, and hitting the sack before midnight.

 So far, I have learned a lot from my classes (my professors are all really passionate about their subject) and most importantly confirmed I love my major. It's easy to live on a big campus and feel like a number though, but I'm constantly looking for opportunities to make personal connections with peers and staff to stand out among the crowd. Last week, I mentioned my blog to a peer and was invited to attend a branding event in downtown Boston. I had been having a rough week 
(oh, #thestruggle), and this was just what I needed to push through. 

At the event, I volunteered to help check in people and got to listen to three top
professionals discuss their advice an experience with personal branding. The event was insightful and I'm glad I took the initiative to get there (I even took public transportation by myself for the first time!). I'm starting at the bottom of my college and even my professional career, but I'm going to be the best coffee getter because the cream will rise to the top and I will one day reach that 
sweet dollop of success. 

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