Sunday, September 8, 2013

7 Things I Love and Miss

College has been a very exciting, tiring, confusing, rewarding, difficult, and interesting ride so far.
With my first week of classes finished, I took a little time to reflect on some of my
 pros and cons about college so far...

These are some of my favorite things as a college tyro so far...

1. I am always meeting new people around campus, but I 
love making meaningful connections with people. 

2. I couldn't ask for a better big city to start living in than Boston.
The city has everything and is super friendly and diverse!

3. I actually enjoy walking everywhere. Yeah it can be a pain sometimes 
and I know I haven't experienced winter here yet, but I am enjoying not
having to drive everywhere.

4. My dining hall can get a bit repetitive, but I really love 
the rice crispy treats!

5. Our gym on campus is beautiful. There is such a variety of equipment, it's 
super easy to stay fit.

6. Already I am learning so much inside the classroom that I am applying to
my blogging. WAY cool...

7. I love to go by the Charles River and jog or walk. It's so peaceful 
and sometimes you can spot sailboats, which I think is pretty cool.

Although there are so many things I am enjoying about college,
I absolutely miss many things daily from home.

1. Let's be real, everybody miss them too!

2. I miss coming home to a kitten waiting for me to play.

3. You don't realize how hot the world can actually be.

4. Our dining halls are pretty nice, but I miss home cooked meals.

5. Community bathrooms haven't been too bad, but still...

6. Baking is such a great stress reliever for me beyond the obvious yummy

7. I was actually able to pack (and fit) a good collection of shoes but still,
I miss these sandals.

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  1. No AC in your dorm?? We had it in mine both years I lived on campus. They switched it over to heat way too early but then I just bought a small fan

    First semester (first year!) is full of ups and downs. Good luck!


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