Monday, August 12, 2013

The 10 Shoes You Will Need in College

When in college, you have teeny tiny closet space in your dorm (unless your dorm is freakishly large and full of plenty of storage, then I envy you!). Because of the lack of space, I will be having to scale down my shoe collection based on functionality (boo!). While you can ship shoes to and from your home for the different seasons, these are the basic 10 shoes you will need for the entire year.

Sorel Boots: Winter boots for walking in the snow.

Hunter Boots: Classic rain boots that you can also slip in a thick sock into to act as a 
winter rain boot as well.

Ralph Lauren Riding Boot: The quintessential fall seasonal shoe of choice.

Nike Shox: My go to work out/running shoe.

Kate Spade Sparkling Heels: A fun pair of heels for parties and special events.

Steve Madden Low Heeled Slippers: These are perfect for formal attire or professional interviews, yet 
its slipper style adds an edgier style.

J. Crew Ballet Flat: Comfortable yet they are dressier than sneakers.

Sperry Topsiders: Sperry's are good for walking around your dorm building but your's are 
probably so broken in they're actually slippers at this point.;)

Superga Sneakers: The perfect walking and tourist shoe to explore the city.

Tory Burch Flip Flops: The best part of having to use the community showers. 

Hope this helps college tyros!

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