Thursday, August 8, 2013

Style Crush: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons was just recently placed in Vanity Fair's 2013 International Best Dressed List among the likes of Kate Middleton, Justin Timberlake, and Kerry Washington. 
Lyons has been Creative Director, President, and Style Mastermind of J. Crew since 2003 and has been with the company her entire profession career (over 20 years)! She has turned J. Crew into a brand, cultivating its style into modern preppy with a twist that mixes high fashion with classic preppy and maintains the company's core values of quality, functionality, and simplicity (think blazers, nantucket reds, and madras that now mingle with sequins, leopard, and geometric patterns). The company has also maintained its mass market preppie appeal where families (like the Obamas) can all shop at J. Crew despite their age (J. Crew has men and women's clothing and a a kid's Crewcuts line).

The Obama women all in J. Crew.

After Lyons and CEO Mickey Drexler took over the reins of J. Crew ten years ago, J. Crew became 
a billion dollar company with over ten fan blogs of J. Crew Addicts (like my favorite, the JCRGirls), four fashion shows at NY Fashion Week (and counting), and Jenna herself has become something of a fashion guru with a cult like following. Growing up, Lyons had a difficult childhood due to her awkward height (she's over 6 feet) and a genetic disorder that resulted in scarred skin, patches of hair, and lost teeth that requires dentures. Lyons' "ugly duckling" outcast days are long over though as she is quickly making herself an icon in the fashion world due to her iconic feminine-androgynous style that some deem "geek chic". Jenna is the queen of matching bright colors, bold prints, red lipstick, and thick rimmed hipster glasses with boy cut blazers, oversized coats, and pinstriped trousers.

Currently I lovelovelove J. Crew's Fall 2013 Collection, despite one loyal customer's complaints. I really admire the high fashion styling among the simplistic, classic preppy pieces. The collection has a good dose of the trendy brocade, cultural folk art patterns, and rhinestone accents, but I am embracing it 100%.

It's a no brainer that Jenna Lyons is my current inspiration and style crush!

Here's a "Jenna outfit" I put together of all things found at J. Crew (except the Raybans which J. Crew does partner with) so you can get her style too. 

Here are some of Jenna's favorite picks at J. Crew right now!
And read here to see a glimpse of her day in the life.

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