Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trip to the Art Museum


One of the things on my Summer Bucket List was to visit a new museum!

While in Ohio, I jumped at the chance to visit Kent State University's Art Museum which had some great fashion exhibits at the moment! From a timeline of the evolution of fashion, the art of pleats, varieties of fans, the embroidery of vestments, and the intricacy of undergarments. 

One of the exhibits featured the art of pleating, which can be created by folds of fabric that are sewn down or through heat such as special irons that create permanent creases like box, inverted, kick, knife, sunburst, accordion, cartridge, and tucks. 

Designers like Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Mariano Fortuny, and Oscar de la Renta were on display.

Over the centuries, various shapes and styles of fans have been created to be both functional and
beautiful from 18th century rococo designs to twentieth century art deco. 

Look at that tortoise fan!

A double initial monogrammed fan! I wonder if it was from the Victorian era 

Katherine Hepburn's personal collection of nightgowns.

It is easy to dismiss the importance of undergarments in the final product of an outfit. In the past,
the silhouette of the undergarment is what helped create the style and look of a whole outfit. 

This photo does not do the intricate beading on that nightgown justice!

Look at how tiny women's waists were expected to be in the Victorian era? 

Love the polka dots!

The intricacy of these vestments were divine! The Roman Catholic Church had their
bishops and priests dress in official vestments made of high quality silk and gold
and silver threads.

Oh, and this picture is a clue for my next post later this week!
Can you guess what designer made these?

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