Monday, July 29, 2013

The Little Monogram Shop

While in Chagrin Falls, I came across the most adorable monogram shop!
The Little Monogram Shop is bursting with preppy and nautical personalized gifts 
from stationary to robes, towels, totes, jewelry, and practically anything monogram you could ever dream of. It was like being in monogram heaven! 

While browsing around the shop, I don't think I had ever been surrounded by so many monograms!
It got me thinking though, how did monograms actually got started? Why did people start using them? Was it for decoration or the practical identification reasons?
So after a little researching, I actually learned a lot about monograms! 

Monograms were first used by early Greek and Roman rulers on their clay coins to identify the regional location of the currency for bartering and trading purposes. In the Middle Ages, artisans even used monograms to sign and identify their work. Over time, monograms became a way for nobles to mark their valuables. This eventually evolved to more than their belongings but their banners and coat of arms as well. By the Victorian era, monograms became a symbol of rank and a way for one to showcase their individual status. 

Most early monograms only consisted of two initials unlike the three we customarily use today. The only exception today seems to be the British royalty whom use a two letter monogram with the husband's first initial first and his wife's first initial second. But, when Kate (or Catherine) married William, many stores flipped the initials because WC means water closet or bathroom in England! Most monograms we use today are put in the oder first, last, and middle initial with the last initial being larger than the others; however, it is still "proper" to use the order of first, middle, and last if you keep the letters the same size. Monograms are a fun and often elegant way to personalize items and I hope the traditional will be carried on in the future!

I picked up a cute monogram keychain for my dorms keys, a new phone case, and an 
adorable tortoise necklace. If I had lived closer, I definitely would have picked up more monogram
gifts, or maybe something Lilly considering they did their local Lilly's monograms. How cool, right?;)


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