Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Blue Umbrella

Last weekend, I went to go see Monsters University. So many critics are
somewhat panning the movie for its lack of originality and some are even claiming Pixar is loosing 
its mojo; however, I disagree wholeheartedly. 
I loved the film and not just because I will be headed off to college this fall, but 
I thought this film was ingenious, funny, and full of valuable life lessons like bullying, acceptance, and courage that are always relevant and important for young kids. 

While it was initially alarming to see kids in the theater whom were not even born when I saw the original film twelve years ago (eek!), I was also genuinely entertained the "pre-seqeuel" and the various new characters (I loved the purple monster, Art!) whose personalities I am sure I will encounter in college. I'll freely admit I laughed out loud on more than one occasion.;)

What really stole my heart though was Pixar's short film before the movie, The Blue Umbrella.
Pixar always has those cute short films after the trailers play like Geri's Game and For The Birds,
but this one was my all time favorite and has given me an entirely new 
perspective on big cities. 

Being the type of person who recognizes faces in inanimate objects (called pareidolia), I 
was thrilled to see such imaginative perspectives of everyday objects. Gutters,
road signs, and even street sewers came to life to help bring the two smitten umbrellas and their
not so ironic female and male owners together. 
The realism of the objects from the CG effects was also breathtaking.
Even if Monsters University doesn't live up to your expectations, The Blue Umbrella will certainly
more than make up for it. 

Watch a clip of it here!

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