Sunday, July 21, 2013

My cat, Macy

Last year before Christmas, my parents decided to get a 
kitten for my brother who missed our older cat at home. Now that he's 
living in his own apartment, he can own his own cat.
My mom and I went to our local pet store to look at rescue kittens for him and
this teeny tiny, scrappy gray tiger kitten was jumping in the air when we spotted her.
Needless to say, we took her home.

And quickly fell in love.

We ended up not being able to give her away.
So we bought her much darker (and pretty unrelated looking) sister for my brother.

"Macy" and "Milly" are both totally different personalities.

 Macy rarely sits still and is always looking to play for trouble. She's a smart little
devil and quite honestly, she acts more like a dog. She is constantly "talking", follows you
 around the house, and plays fetch.
no joke.
(I'll post a video sometime)
Milly ended up being much more mellow and cuddly, the perfect companion for my brother.

Confession: I hate to be that crazy cat lady, but Macy probably takes up about 70% of my iPhone photo library. 

She's definitely stolen all of our hearts and I will miss her terribly in college.

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