Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love in the USA

There is nothing I love more than small towns. While visiting my grandmother in Ohio, I
love to stop in Hudson, a suburb of Cleveland. Although a city, Hudson maintains a charming small town feel with historical buildings, friendly people, and picturesque houses with white picket fences. What I truly love about the city though is its adorable New England look that traces back to its Connecticut roots.

 Officially founded in 1800 by Connecticut investor, David Hudson, (whom the town was named after), the town has flourished into an affluent city despite embezzlement scandals, fires, and the Civil War. The town were also active abolitionists who were apart of the Underground Railroad. The city still even has underground tunnels under its streets today!

The first settlers of Hudson built New England style homes but Greek Revival, Victorian, Federal,
and Neo-Classical Revival buildings were eventually built as well. Most of the town was devastated by a fire in 1892 that destroyed most of the Main Street; however, the city was rebuilt with many structures that are still visible today. It is evident Hudson is very committed to preserving its history as newer buildings are even built in historic "character".

 Hudson's downtown main street is the heart of it all where family owned stores are mixed in with "modern" brands like GAP and J. McLaughlin (!) and historic landmarks like the city's Clock Tower. The American pride is what truly steals your heart though. The streets are filled with flags, red, white, and blue flowers, and friendly American hospitality everywhere. 

The Clock Tower was donated in the 1900s and serves as the city's symbol.

My kind of street!;)

 Even the Starbucks is cute!

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger | Pants: Brooks Brothers | Hat: GAP | Sunnies: GAP | Flip flops: J. Crew
 Factory | Crossbody: Michael Kors : Bracelets: Vintage (from my grandmother) and Kiel James Patrick

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