Friday, July 12, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday

It's pretty common knowledge that I totally love Kate Spade,
but then again who doesn't? 
I love that the brand is classic yet trendy, fun yet sophisticated, and spunky yet classy.
Based on just the ads alone, who doesn't want to be a Kate Spade girl?

When Kate Spade launched Kate Spade Saturday, a separate sister brand back in spring, I was pretty hesitant. At first I honestly didn't really like the style of the clothes.
But time has definitely changed my opinion!
I am currently swooning over like every piece in their summer collection. 
There are so many bows!!! 

While a little bit edgier than Kate Spade (think Madewell vs J. Crew) I'm starting to really love
KS Saturday! 

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