Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ice Cream Heaven in Ohio

A lot of the memories I have from visiting my grandma in Ohio during the summer 
revolve around the ice cream we usually get to enjoy. Where I live, home made ice cream stores are nonexistent. Sure we have the basic Dairy Queen and a handful of trendy fro-yo places, but we lack a
true mom and pop homemade ice cream store. So, whenever I visited my grandma, ice cream trips were always at the top of my list.

My favorites:

Jeni's ice cream: A famous ice cream store that started in Columbus, Jeni Britton Bauer wrote the NY Times Best Selling cookbook Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home which was dubbed the homemade ice cream making Bible by the WSJ which launched her to fame. Since opening in 2002, Jeni's has expanded across Ohio and over 700 grocery stores throughout the US. Jeni's creates many quirky seasonal flavors, but my absolute favorite ice cream flavor ever is the Wildberry Lavender ice cream. It's price is steep at $10 a pint in the grocery store, but trust me, it's fruity and fragrant taste is worth it!

I was also able to stop by Jeni's other store while in Chagrin Falls.
I got Chamomile and Buckeye State which were AMAZING!
Oh, and do try the mini donut topping on top! I made the mistake of getting plain old sprinkles, the mini donuts looked delicious.

Handel's Ice Cream:

Growing up, my grandma had a Handel's right in town. Literally, we went every. single. day. in the summer. No exaggeration! Before falling for Handel's chocolate chip cookie dough, I would only eat strawberry ice cream! Today, I have to thank you Handel's for opening up my ice cream palette to the many delicious flavors of ice cream the world has to offer!;) In 2002, it was voted by USA Today as one of the best ice cream stores in the country! Bill Cosby even has it shipped to his house!

College Creamery:

After visiting the Kent State Art Museum, we walked around downtown Kent and
spotted this ice cream store. The College Creamery had a huge variety of unique flavors to choose from! I picked a yellow cake batter flavor with sprinkles and cake pieces mixed in. I think this was one of my favorite flavors ever!


Now first of all, don't get Cleveland's Mitchell's confused with the one in San Francisco. Mitchell's was started by two Cleveland brothers in 1999 and is a big favorite among the Cleveland community. Last year I went to Mitchell's with my friends on my birthday and I got an amazing honey lavender flavor and peppermint chocolate chip pretzel froyo topped with a candle on top! Mitchell's is a
great place to go if you love fun froyo flavors that are a bit healthier than ice cream but not lacking in flavor! Mitchell's ice cream is found throughout the grocery stores in Ohio. If you our ever in the state, pick up the Mint Chocolate Chip!


Malley's is legendary for its variety of specialty chocolates (my mom LOVES the pecan turtles), but they have delicious flavors of ice cream too! I loved their mint chocolate chip! Created in 1935 by Mike Malley, Malley had an the ultimate American Dream to own his own business despite the country's Great Depression. Malley is now still a family owned business that prides itself in keeping with the spirit of old fashioned ice cream parlors and chocolate shoppes. They even have the nicest ladies dressed in vintage ice cream parlor pint stripped aprons to help you make your selection!

Chagrin Fall's Pop Corn Shop:

Chagrin Falls' Pop Corn Shop is known for its delicious assortments of gourmet popcorn, but I really
like their ice cream! They have delicious flavors of mint and peanut butter that were to die for and their popcorn smells wonderful for blocks! (You can tell I really like mint chocolate chip;))

White Magnolia:

Not an ice cream shop, but White Magnolia is fun boutique AND cupcake counter! After having ice cream (at Jeni's AND the Popcorn store! opps!) we took a box of peach, strawberry, and red velvet home for later that night! My mom thought it was THE best red velvet she ever had. (And we get cupcakes everywhere we travel)

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