Friday, July 5, 2013

A Summer Art Class

One of the things on my Summer Bucket List was to take an art class.
Since five year old crayon stick figures to watercolor flowers, I've had a love for art since I 
was born. Other than the mandatory art classes in school that were pretty limited and the occasional guidance from my very talented and creative mother who was a commercial art major, interior designer, and florists among other things, I only took one session of art class
my entire life in middle school. It lasted about three months and I absolutely hated it. 
An experience I think I'm still kinda scarred from. 
While never a Picasso, I enjoyed experimenting and practicing various styles at my kitchen table. 

One thing I especially love to draw though is fashion design. 
It's pretty obvious I love fashion and art from this blog, but it definitely spans far beyond any materialistic purpose. Fashion is a pretty amazing thing to behold. With a pop of color, sparkling sequins, or a playful pattern, a story, mood, and character is created. 
In other words, fashion is art.

Fashion's relevance is greater than its functional use of clothing our body. Fashion is takes imagination and craftsmanship to create, but it also inspires our lives.
Whether we admit it or not, fashion also plays apart of our character and individuality. 
What you wear can often (whether good or bad) be judged as who you are.
We can also express ourselves through fashion.
Style can be personal; a certain piece a trademark.
Personal style is also constantly evolving like the history of fashion itself. 
The originality and reincarnation of styles and trends is truly fascinating. 
One day it's in and one day its out, then the process repeats over and over again.

Despite my limited artistic experience, I signed up for a fashion illustration course through my
local art museum. It was intimidating for the first five minutes, but the teacher was encouraging and inspiring. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. 

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