Sunday, June 30, 2013

That Magical Five Letter Word

Hello fellow college tyros!

I just got back from my college orientation in Boston and had the best time ever
I did everything from signing up for classes to sleeping in a dorm, seeing an improv show,
 jamming to Blurred Lines at a dance party, and riding the T for a night out in Harvard Square.
Orientation was better than I had ever imagined and I can't
wait to be back on campus in nine weeks! 

What I cherish the most from this experience though is the friends I have already made.
 Everyone is in in the same boat as you traveling into the unknown odyssey of college life.
Like most people, I came into orientation with no friends or acquaintances yet like the first day
of Kindergarten, all it takes is that magical five letter word:
or even a fancy ciao (which I did get)

If you're standing in a crowded elevator, roaming the hallways, or sitting in a packed assembly, a simple "hello" not only generates conversation, it leads to a world of connections. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, opening yourself up to people will pay off immensely.
And I promise the inital awkwardness will vanish.
I was surprised that every person I met was sincerely open to meeting new people and bonding over shared interests and even differences big or small. I bonded over a love for art history, Jane Austen, ahemandTaylorSwiftahem. I also bonded over differences like living on the east coast versus the midwest and yoga compared to pilates. 

So, to all college tyros heading off to orientation this summer:

Take the initiative. 
Say that magical five letter word
and be open to making new connections.

I walked away with a bundle of memories, a taste of the college experience, and 20+ new facebook friends. 

What was your college orientation experience like?

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