Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shea-h! Shea Butter Lotion

I have been in desperate need of a really good body lotion. 
My feet have especially been cracked lately from the rainy weather. My feet inevitably always get wet from the puddles and then dry and get cracked.
Not fun.

So, I went searching around Whole Foods the other day and was super overwhelmed by all of the 
nature lotions, moisturizers, and creams out there. 

This super nice lady was really patient and helped me understand a lot about lotions, creams, and moisturizers. (there is actually a difference)

Lotion and moisturizers are both creams that are often used to help keep your skin soft and smooth and to keep moisture or water in your outermost layer of skin, but both have different functions. Lotion is placed on top of the skin for different effects/ reasons such as to calm acne while moisturizers are often designed to provide vitamins and oils back into a person's skin.
Lotions usually are thinner and lighter than more oily moisturizing creams (which is why they often come in bottles not jars). Moisturizers are often thicker and work well on super dry skin.  

Experts often suggest to use lotions after showering as it creates a barrier on your skin to lock in moisture. I like moisturizers but the heavy often greasy, oily feeling of them do not do well with my skin. I also have very, very, very sensitive skin (as in easy redness) so I went with an unscented lotion.

I LOVE it!!!
 After researching it, it got some great reviews and I felt like you got a lot of bang for buck-
 $10 for 32 oz!
The lotion had other appealing qualities:
fair trade
paraben, SLS, petrochemical, and phthalate free
gluten free
plant based
no animal testing

Shea butter is the fat or oil that comes from the nuts of wild Shea trees in Africa. Shea butter is commonly used to reduce fine lines, stretch marks, scars, and skin irritations like redness, sunburns, and eczema. Science has proven that Shea butter has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This was especially appealing because I just had my knee surgery and it will help reduce the visibility of my scars. Shea butter also has a lot of antioxidants like vitamins A and E that helps keep skin healthy yet with a light feeling minus the greasy residue which can make my skin crawl.

What kind of lotion/cream/moisturizer do you use?

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  1. Well, I would like to add few benefits of shea butter lotion can be used for wrinkles, fine lines and scars repairing, Antioxidant, UV protecting, Skin strengthening and protecting. It helps the healing of skin disorders and problems like, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, skin cracks, burns, poisonous plants contact dermatitis


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