Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Wedding & the Downside of Fabulous Shoes

The wedding I went to last week was at the most magical place on earth-
Disney World!

I have to say, nobody does it better than Disney. They did a fantastic job making the event both beautiful, organized, and special. We stayed at the Swan and Dolphin hotel which was absolutely gorgeous and only a few steps away from the Boardwalk Hotel and a boat ride away from the Yachtsman Hotel, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

I can't wait to post more pictures soon; however, the only downside to the event were the
 three blisters I acquired! My poor feet suffered from my shoes big time. I decided to research 
the best ways to get them healed fast!

Here's what I learned:

Wear your new shoes around your house in lightweight socks before you wear them outside. It helps break them in (especially if they are leather) and lets you see where they rub on your feet. Once you figure out the sore spots, spread a slicking solution on the areas before your wear the shoes like Dr. Scholl’s For Her Miracle Shield, ProFoot Slik Stick, or an antiperspirant. All are under $10 solutions you can pick up at your local drugstore and provide an immediate barrier between your skin and the shoe that will also help prevent friction and moisture which often cause foot blisters. 
There are many rumors out there to use things like egg, salt water, diaper cream, toothpaste, and apple cider vinegar, but these solutions work little if at all to help blisters heal. For the best results, use aloe vera; it’s a natural anti-inflammatory that will help reduce the redness and swelling but will also keep the skin hydrated which will help it heal faster especially once the blister pops.
And above all, do NOT pop the blister. I know you have that urge to do it, but don’t go there! Keeping it sealed prevents infection, so cover it with a bandaid or moleskin which is even softer, pliable, and stickier which can help prevent friction. The deeper the blister is, the longer it will take to heal. But, if you have a blister that is so painful you can not tolerate walking in your comfiest shoes, pop it with a sterile needle that pierces the skin in the corner. Once the fluid drains, rub it with alcohol and antiseptic then cover with a bandaid to prevent infection. 
Oh the things girls go through for fashion...
Do I hate the blisters? Absolutely! 
Do I regret wearing these shoes? Nope!

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