Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What A Grad Wants

As Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde, "We did it!" Congratulations fellow seniors, we did it! Whether you already graduated early or in the upcoming days, there is such a mix of pride and excitement in the air (yes, I'm talking about the pride you get when you see your college displayed on the back of your mom's car). Summer's creeping in and I'm already keeping a list of the items I'll need want for school. Below are a few things on my grad wishlist.

iPad mini: While I have an iPhone and laptop, I can't help but crave an iPad mini. I picture myself reading books on my iPad mini on the "T", catching up on emails in Starbucks, taking notes in class... I feel the iPad mini's size would be perfect for staying organized. It's not too big like a lap top or too small like an iPhone. It's also small enough to fit in a regular purse, unlike the iPad which I find too cumbersome. (you know what I'm talking about girls!)

Kate Spade iPad Case: In my iPad mini dreams, my iPad mini would also be dressed in this Kate Spade case. It's pink, it's green, it's polka dot- it's oh so preppy. Perfection!

Kate Spade USB: Whether to back up my work or to share group projects too big to email, every college student needs a USB drive. This one from Kate Spade is striped with a key ring. Why not have a cute and convenient one?

Kate Spade Taxi Key Fob: The big city tyro in me just loves the playfulness of this key chain!

Kate Spade Gramercy Grand Watch: Kate Spade has so many cute watches to chose from with fun patterns, bows, and glitter, but this watch has such a classy, grown up everyday look that would match all of my outfits.

Longchamp Le Pliage Monogram Tote: I have never liked backpacks. Never! In middle school I officially ditched my backpack in 7th grade and I never looked back. The Le Pliage tote would be a perfect bag to carry my books, personal items, and iPad mini! ;) It's water repellent fabric also makes it ideal for carrying in all kinds of weather or those days you spill your coffee. Take note moms, extra points for getting the additional monogram too!

Lilly Pulitzer Desk Caddy: Although it's meant as a "desk" caddy, I would use this clever tote as a "bath" caddy. The pockets would  make it perfect for carrying my toiletries and makeup!

Lilly Pulitzer Monogram Picture Frame: Although I look forward to big city and college life, there will definitely be times when I miss my family. This Lilly picture frame would be perfect to put a family photo in. The cute flamingos and monogram are an added bonus!

J. Crew Neon Luggage Tag: Now that I'll be traveling on my own, I could certainly use this in-your-face neon luggage tag to help me spot my generic suitcase in those crowded public places.

J. Crew Minimergency Kit: I definitely believe in being prepared for anything. With this J. Crew minimergency kit, you will be be prepared for those little moments when disaster strikes. The kit contains spare items like band aids, hair spray, elastic bands, and a breath freshener that are definite girl necessities.

Marc Jacobs Zebra Umbrella: This umbrella would certainly cheer me up on a rainy day!

Reebok Stability Ball: I love to practice yoga using a stability ball but I'm thinking that I might use one instead of a desk chair in college!

Keds x Kate Spade Gingham Sneaker: As a big city tyro, I have a lot of discovering (and walking) to do! No doubt I will need a comfy pair of sneakers to explore the city in, but with these Kate Spade Keds I don't have to compromise on the "cute" factor.

The NY Times 36 Hours Travel Guide: Although I'll be living in a big city, there is no reason why I can't explore others near by. I already dream of traveling to other big cities on a spontaneous weekend whim. (cough NYC cough DC cough cough).

Urban Outfitters Carved Medallion Mirror: Being the planner that I am, I have already been brainstorming wall art ideas for my dorm. I can't help but think this pretty pink mirror would be a great piece.

Urban Outfitters Bonjour Wall Hook: I have a huge love affair with Paris. I hope to maybe study abroad  and plan on taking French for my required language class. This wall hook would be a charming place to hang my jewelry or scarves on.

Jonathan Adler Whale Pencil Sharpener: I spotted this the other day in Barnes and Noble and I can't help but get it out of my mind. It's just darling!

                                                          What's on your wish list?

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