Monday, May 27, 2013

Dorm Bedding

Last Thursday my new dorm bedding finally came in the mail! 
After a lot of research I decided to use PB Teen. 
I am beyond thrilled I chose to use the company. 

This is the exact bedding I purchased. It looks just like this.
I am a total black and white fanatic, but I ultimately decided on the black so it (hopefully
won't show too much wear and tear. I like the grown up geometric pattern of the duvet and 
the quality of my duvet looks exactly like the picture in the website. 
 And I'm over the moon with the monogram pillow! 

Lucky me I can use my name instead of a monogram!
What is awesome about PB Teen is the numerous Twin XL bedding options and bundles available for girls and guys. Finding good quality Twin XL bedding at good prices, quality, and design was a difficult, but it was well worth the search effort in the end. 

Here are some of my other favorite looks from PB Teen:


How awesome are these monogram pillows? 

PB Teen even has some collegiate pillowcases and up to 26 sororities to chose from for monogram sheets!

Where are you going to buy your dorm bedding? 
I saw some other cute bedding sets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond like this one too. 
It's less than 100 days until I move into my dorm. 
I can't wait to move in and eventually post pictures of my dorm all decorated and pretty!

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