Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spring Blooms in Boston

Spring in Boston is like a magical transformation that seems to revive the city with both color and cheerfulness. Maybe I spent too much of my childhood living in season-less Florida, but I walk around in a permeant state of enchantment every spring as I walk past block after block of pretty blooms. From the Back Bay to Beacon Hill, Public Garden and beyond, here's a few snapshots of this season's best blooms. 

Back Bay

Boston University

Charles River Esplanade

Public Garden

Beacon Hill

South End

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Annual Spring Sailing 2016

The start of spring never truly begins in Boston until the first day out on the water. Sailing along the Boston Harbor with friends has become an annual tradition and is personally one of my favorite quintessential New England activities. It's always a thrill seeing the city skyline from this perspective, imagining how different the views have changed since John Smith discovered Massachusetts Bay in 1614. In his description of New England, Smith pronounced the Boston Harbor the "paradise of all these parts"— I couldn't agree more. 

Where: The Boston Harbor offers the best views, but the Charles River is equally as scenic with views of the Back Bay area. The Boston Sailing Center in the North End is popular for lessons and chartering a boat (they have a free open house every spring) while Community Boating along the Charles is one of the oldest public sailing centers and perfect  for children who want to learn. 
When: Summer ideally, but sailing starts in the spring and ends in late fall
Previous year recaps: 2014 | 2015
Why: "I wanted freedom, open air, and adventure. I found it on the sea." ~ Alaine Gerbault

Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Flowers & Spring Rides with Schwinn

April showers have grown some "wicked" beautiful May flowers in Boston as of late. It seems like every street decided to bloom in unison, making bike rides in the city a euphoric experience.
It's enough to make you go into sensory overload.

Summer seems to be creeping up and soon enough the days will be full of bike rides to the farmer's market, picnics in the parks, and weekend coffee runs. To ensure that I will be fully prepared for any odd likely chance of take-home flowers from the market or pastries from the local café, I recently attached a basket to my Classic SS Schwinn Cruiser. It was truly the perfect addition for the season ahead.