Thursday, August 21, 2014

College 2014-2015

Cheesy freshman picture- new textbooks in hand and coffee ready to go.

Whether your summer has gone by in a blink of an eye or dragged on longer than reading the Odyssey, college move-in day is right around the corner. I still can't believe its been a year since I started college; it seems like yesterday I was a lost freshman walking down the city streets of Boston thrilled yet frightened about being on my own. I've looked back on some of my old posts from last year and it's amazing how much I've already forgotten. 

Here's my top picks for some advice and reminders for college students getting ready for the big day!

Note: A lot of colleges do not allow coffee pots in a regular dorm room. Make sure to check with your RA before you buy one. Use your suitcases for storage under the bed- you will need them when you travel home. Hanging shoe and jewelry cubbies are lifesavers. Do pack a drying rack, you can place a plastic tray on top as a quickie table. 

The 10 shoes every college student needs, for every season and occasion.

Start switching your sleep schedule now, those 8ams can be hard to get used to. Once you get into a routine though, becoming a morning person helps your productivity

College is a big transition. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

And don't forget it's about perseverance sometimes. 

You're going to grow, change, think, speak, do, love, and see things so differently once you get to college. But remember to stay true to yourself. Get outside your comfort zone, embrace new experiences, and make mistakes but never sacrifice who you are as a individual.

Did you get those textbooks?  Do you know where your classes are located? 

My main piece of advice for college freshman? Take the initiative!

And last but not least, start making a college bucket list!
Start researching events that happen around you and on campus. It's a great way to keep track
of all the awesome experiences you have and you'll always be adding to the list! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weekly Links

via my Instagram @bigcitytyro

Watch as I did the challenge here. While it might seem irrelevant to dump a bucket of ice over your head, here's an article explaining how the trend has helped raise awareness- and donations. I challenge anyone reading this to do the ALS ice bucket challenge, become informed on the disease, donate to the cause, or all of the above!

How many legs does a lobster have again? Three, four, six, eight? Hmmm...

A great insight into her brand and her optimism: "If the glass is half full, add water."

I've been listening to this on repeat all. week. long. It's upbeat lyrics and beat make it perfect for bad days. 

We write at least 40,000 words a year! Better to craft them carefully.

Ever since Eva Chen became CCO, things seem to have gotten better and better at Lucky!

Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar
She's gorgeous and her grandmother's grace. What do you think?

The history of the mason jar from the NY Times
When I was younger, mason jars were strictly for canning homemade jam. Now, it's become the trendy drink ware choice for hipsters (and bloggers) alike. #guilty

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Adventures: NYC Recap

This weekend was definitely one for the books. I won a grant to attend the Brave Life Summit hosted by Keds, Seventeen Magazine, and the Girl's Leadership Institute an had the opportunity to hear from some incredibly inspiring brave women and girls across the country. The trip was even more special though, because I got to visit my favorite city and reunite with some of my friends from college- my best friend included. 

I'm still going through the almost 500+ pictures I took, but take a look at some of my
adventures so far!

pictures via my Instagram @bigcitytyro

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Off to the Big Apple!

Things have been really busy lately with my summer job, etc. so I
haven't been able to post in awhile, but I'm excited to announce the wait is over and now I'm off to NYC for the Ked's conference! I can't wait hear some amazing speakers, get inspired, and see some of my college friends. Being home in the suburbs this summer has definitely been a confirmation that I'm a city girl at heart through hand through. I miss the noise of traffic outside my window, walking everywhere (even in killer heels), and the unexplainable, magical rush of energy you just absorb from the surrounding.

I've also been looking back on some of my NYC from this past spring.
You can read them here:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Best of Everything

via my instagram @bigcitytyro

Whenever I come home from college, one of the first stops I make with my mom is The Best of Everything. The stores carry thousands of jewelry and accessories in their Naples, Bonita Springs, and Kennebunkport locations, but all at really great prices. I always luck out finding some fun nautical pieces including my lobster bracelet show above. They also carry some beautiful nantucket basket accessories (like the lobster jewelry box I got on a recent trip) and even some Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer home goods. The decor in the stores though are an experience itself. I've been to stores in both Naples and Bonita Springs, and both are uniquely decorated with over the top large puppets, ribbons, and hanging mannequins. 

It's an arm party addicts dream, and they're launching an online store soon!

Friday, August 8, 2014

AdelHeidi's Organic Sweets

While strolling along Naples Fifth Avenue the other day, I spotted an old-fashion ice cream churner laying out on the lawn. Intrigued, I looked across the sidewalk and spotted Adelheidi's Organic Sweets shop. Maybe it was my sweet tooth or the heat, but I had to go in and try something. Everything in the shop (including smoothies, gelato, ice cream, candy, and coffee) is made with 100% organic ingredients. I decided to try the lavender and strawberry rose gelato; I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the best I ever ate. You could honestly taste the difference in the gelato with the organic ingredients in one bite. The flavors are taste purer in your mouth and are much richer and satisfying in a small quantity of bites- thank goodness I got small scoops! I can't wait to try one of their smoothies or vegan gelato's next time.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Trending on Trends: Lattice Cut-Out Shoes

I've been obsessed with the lattice cut-out shoe trend recently and have practically lived in
a pair flats similar to the yellow pair shown above all summer. I love how the simple detailing
can take on the look of a preppy eyelet or an edgy tribal style. From flats to wedges, loafers,
and oxfords, these shoes are versatile dressed up or down and worn from day to night. The little cut-outs also allow a slight increase in ventilation that will make your feet a little cooler and happier when up against the summer heat, an added bonus since we can't have our feet in the ocean all summer long...