Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Globe World

Just when I thought the snow wasn't going to arrive in Boston, I got my wish. Massive snowstorm Juno is expected to blow through Boston and over 50 million people in the north east today. We're anticipating a record breaking snowstorm complete with advisory warnings from the government and a complete shutdown of roadways and public transportation. Boston has looked like quite the snow globe already, so I had to go play out in the magical landscape before our city gets shaken by Juno- glamorous snow style of course.;-)

Sweater: Gap | Wrap: Thrifted | Skirt: J. Crew | Boots: Nordstrom Rack | Sunglasses: Gap | Gloves: Target

Friday, January 23, 2015

Anchored to Boston

Today will mark the first week of spring semester sophomore year. As my time in Boston will reach the three year mark later this fall, it's amazing how much this city feels like home. Over winter break, I realized how many roots I have anchored in Boston. From friendship, to dreams, and even jobs, this big city has become more than just a place. 

While Florida will always be a place of familiarity where most of my family and child memories are rooted in, Boston has become my home in this next chapter of my life. I always thought people would picture home as one place, but as I am beginning to plan more and more into the future (like post-graduation, scary stuff), I've realized one is truly fortune if they can anchor themselves to various homes (ports) as they travel on this little adventure called life.

Dress: Brooks Brothers | Shoes: Gap

Monday, January 19, 2015

Naples Pier

Whenever I go home for break, I never fail to get a good dose of Vitamin D, blue skies, and piles of white sand in the bottom of my handbags that somehow seem to linger for weeks on end. While I've never lived anywhere but on the eastern seaboard, nothing feels quite like home than Florida's white sandy beaches and iconic palm trees. The pier in Naples is especially charming though, with its surrounding cottages and mansions blooming with flowers, white picket fences, and pink flamingos in the yard. 
(Sorry in advance for the super long posts!)

Gatsby's house? ;-)

I'm back in Boston today for the second half of my sophomore year (where has time gone?!),
 but already missing the sunshine state.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look Back at 2014

2014 can best be described as a roller coaster.
Filled with highs and lows, their were moments of pure terror followed by moments of exhilarating thrills; life seemed to be taking me on a wild ride. While I wouldn't want to relive 2014 again, I'm grateful for the many trials and triumphs I experienced last year.  

  Self Growth
I'm most proud of my own growth this year. I have this new feeling and understanding of who I am and I've never been more confident and trusting of my own self. 
It may sound clique, but I feel more independent and braver than ever- and I love it!

Being Comfortable with the Unknown
I've always been a Type A planner who has lists with lists. With so many spontaneous events that happened to me this year, I've learned to be comfortable (and maybe even embrace) the unknown or uncertain fate in life. More than ever, I believe in the quote, 
"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okayit's not the end." 

Take Chances
Part of learning to be comfortable with the unknown includes taking chances. One of the biggest chances I took this year was dipping into some business classes. I wanted to study PR since I was thirteen years old, but I quickly realized last year it wasn't a field I wanted to work in post graduation. I never would have imagined I would be switching to a business degree, but I think my blog, future goals, and own personal growth made me realize PR wasn't right for me. I am horrible at math (I'm not in any way exaggerating) and the math classes like stats, calculus, finance, accounting, etc. in the business program made me doubt I could actually pull it off. I took the initiative and practically lived at my cal professor's office, but I am proud to say I made it past the intro courses. It wasn't easy, but it was so worth it!

True Friendship 
During the hardships and highs this year, I realized true friends will stick with you through both- and the in between. While I believe in being kind to everyone, I realized what kind of friends I truly wanted to be surrounded by in my life. You are the company you keep, and I realized everyone deserves to be around friends who embrace your quirks, make a positive impact, put in equal effort to make the friendship grow, and are comfortable enough to throw some sass every now and then when you need it!;) 

2014 was a wild ride marked with a lot of growth and changes. While I'm looking forward to a more steady ride in 2015, I can't wait for the lessons 2015 will bring!

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Wishing you the best 2015 has to offer!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh La La!

Jacket: Barneys | Shirt: Kate Spade | Skirt: J.Crew | Boots: Nordstrom | Sunnies: Kate Spade | 
Hat: Betsey Johnson