Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tyro Tidbits: Weekly Links

Night at the Guggenheim via my instagram

Where did July go? 
I'm in total denial that this is my last month in NYC for the summer. Junior year is creeping up
fast and I'm not read to stick my head back in accounting textbooks anytime soon!

Here's whats on my radar for the week though...



This kid has better style than me-- and isn't even half my age 
I have seen these trends all over NYC this summer #accurate
Harper's Bazaar Icon Shoot One word: stunning
This post is hilarious! I loved the Parent Trap growing up, slightly largely because I was obsessed with Annie's clothes!

We discussed this in a course I took last semester and it happens more often than you think.
10 career lessons you should learn by your 30s. Working on #3 constantly.
I'm definitely an ambivert. Another reason I'm type A? 

How college has changed since your parents applied
AP US History just got some major changes

Did you check out my Long Beach Travel Guide
This book should be at the top of your summer reading list

Happy August! 
What have you got up your sleeve this month?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tyro Tidbits: Me Before You Book Review

I will be the first to admit that while I read a variety of books, there are very few that remain truly
in grained in my memory months, or even years later…

I had seen the book "Me Before You" on practically every Instagram feed or summer reading list for quite sometime, but never went any further to get my hands on it. Last week, I was given a copy of the book and started reading it while at the beach last weekend, with high expectations for a fluffy, guilty-pleasure type romance novels.Boy, was I flat-out wrong.

As one critic so accurately stated on the back cover, "To be devoured like candy between tears." I did devour it in two days— and indeed laughed, cried, and pondered about the book's complex layers of love, morality, life aspirations, and selflessness long after I put it down. It sounds horribly cliche, but this book will be scored on my heart forever (if you read the book, you now what I'm talking about!).


Louisa Clark is an ordinary twenty-seven year old, with no grand ambition, goals, or minor inklings about what she wants for her future. Fate makes her take a job as a short-term companion to a thirty-five year old ex-finance whiz, ex-thrill seeker, and present-day quadriplegic who is bitter, angst-y, and truthfully horrified by the confined life he now has to lead. Though they dislike each other initially (Pride and Prejudice-style), as the book builds, Will and Louisa take on new adventures that change each other. By the end, they are no longer the same people before they met.

Yes, this book does have a romantic plot-line with a suffering, diseased main character, but it is not in any way on the same playing field as the enjoyable yet highly predictable teenage romance novels like The Fault in Our Stars or A Walk to Remember. Me Before You will leave you heartbroken, baffled, and perhaps even haunted days after you finish it, but if anything, it will also inspire you to go seek your own possibilities and adventures. What really spoke to me were the big and small adventures Will and Louisa embark on that pushes them to get out of their comfort zones, face their past fears, and discover their possibilities in life.
As Will states,“You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” 

(Side note: I'm also very excited the author is releasing a sequel called After You this September and a movie version will be released next summer!)

It's been a long time since a read a book this good, what good books have you read lately?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Travel Tyro: Long Beach, NY

Last Sunday, my friend and I took a spur of the moment trip over to Long Beach to get a good dose of Vitamin C Sea. As fellow Floridians, we were missing lazy beach days at home. So, we packed up our beach bags in the morning and hit the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) to enjoy a day of with salty hair and sandy toes. 

No one ever hypes up Long Beach, but I was pleasantly surprised! Although I've never seen so many people on one beach simultaneously (not even during Florida Spring Breaks), the beach was clean and the sand was quite smooth. While the shops around town can get a bit touristy, there are some cute houses tucked along the streets and a good variety of restaurants down in the West End. After lounging a bit on the beach, we walked about a mile and a half down the boardwalk to Minnesota's, which was recommended to us for their lobster rolls. 

Now, I've had some pretty good lobster rolls in New England, so I didn't come with high expectations. I ditched the traditional New England Roll and instead tried the West Coast Roll. It wasn't even love at first bite— the mere sight of avocado and bacon mixed with 5-6 lobster claws was enough to win me over! New England, you definitely have some tough competition! ;-) 

Who: A friend (or three +), boyfriend, family— all ages can enjoy.
What: Sand, salt water, and some darn good lobster rolls and drinks if you're game.  
Where: Long Beach, located an hour away on the LIRR from Penn Station
Head to the West End for a good selection of restaurants, but 
really just go to Minnesota for the lobster rolls. You won't be disappointmented, I swear! 
Wear: Bathing suit or light cotton shorts, shirts, and sandals. 
*I'm wearing head to (almost) toe J.Crew, Jack Rogers sandals, and a Vera Bradley bag.
When: Perfect day trip on summer weekends. The LIRR is only $22 train ticket off-peak on weekends and $9 for a beach pass, but if you're looking for quieter beach time, weekdays are ideal.
Why: If you're having beach withdrawals on a summer Friday afternoon in your NYC cubicle, Long Beach offers a quick fix. 
Tyro Tip: Bring your bike or rent one to ride down the Boardwalk. Looking to be more
of a beach bum? Search for a book station along the Boardwalk and kick back. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tyro Tidbits: Flashes of Delight

One of the many fine Upper East Side doors. 

Walking around any city street is always a visual treat, but New York City continually proves to
be a stream of inspiration. My days seem to be an endless stream of summer blooms, bright-colored doors, dazzling sunsets, and stop-in-your-tracks kind of sunsets. Everyday, I feel giddy walking the streets of Manhattan and spotting a flash of delight! 

Corner beauty by Central Park West.

I'll take the whole cart, please!

Spotted in the UES. *insert heart-eye emoji*

Always look up.

Flower game strong at Tavern on the Green.

Nantucket vibes all the way dow in Long Beach last weekend.

Monet is always a good idea. (From the MET)

Developed a corneal ulcer in my eye… the pain made me feel like this 
guy for a week. #roar (Museum of  Natural History)

I love NY.

Bright lights at Chelsea Market. 

View from Hearst Tower

Walking through Central Park every morning never gets old.

Some summer nights in NYC are practically glowing. Magical.

Manhattanhenge at its finest!

By Brooklyn Ice Cream

View from Grand Central

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Travel Tyro: Rowayton, CT Travel Guide

As my friend and I stepped off the train and started to wonder down the hydrangea-lined streets of Rowayton, I knew we'd found our New England oasis within close proximity of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. My friend, David, couldn't help but whistle as we walked by picture-perfect white picket fences and nautical emblems galore. Me, I couldn't help but take an obscene amount of photographs and have the urge to merrily skip down the quiet road as friendly residents waved smiled as we criss-cossed the road snapping away. 

I definitely recommend walking straight down Rowayton Avenue from the train station all the way down to Bayley Beach, grabbing a coffee and a sandwich at Rowayton Market and eating it on their back deck overlooking the Five Mile River or stopping at Brendan's 101 for a lobster roll and homemade ice cream (then heading straight out the back to eat said lunch straight off the dock). 

The walk down Rowayton Avenue is breeze at only a mile and a half and certainly worth straying off of to ooh and ahh over the adorable residences

Who: Grab a friend (or more) and stroll down this quaint little Connecticut
town and stop for some local fare along the way.
What: Eat lobster rolls and homemade ice cream at Brendan's 101
Coffee and sandwiches at Rowayton Market
Enjoy finer fare at Sails American Grill
Grab a slice of pizza at Rowayton Pizza
Stroll down Rowayton Avenue and wander down the side streets to see the hidden residential gems
Where: Rowayton, CT (get there by Metro North from NYC only 40 miles away!)
Wear: Ditch your all black New Yorker uniform and pull your Lilly, Nantucket Reds, and other preppy favorites out of your closet that you've been saving for the Cape all summer.
(Bring a bathing suit too if you really want to take advantage of Bayley Beach)
When: This is the perfect weekend day trip for the summer!
Why: Escape the concrete jungles of NYC and enjoy this nearby New England gem with
plenty of nautical gems to knock your corporate 9-5 heels off. You'll be glad you did once the smell of salty air washes over you and stroll across the beach— sans shoes and any worries.
Tyro Tip: If you go by Metro North on the weekend, the ride is off-peak and about $22 round trip!