Sunday, November 12, 2017

Yayoi Kusama: Festival of Life

The Instagram-famous sensation Yayoi Kusama currently has two exhibitions on display at the David Zwirner Art Gallery in both their Chelsea and UES locations until December 16th. The main location in Chelsea includes two infinity mirror rooms, a polka dot experience, and a new My Eternal Soul series featuring sixty-six colorful paintings mixed with large scale flower sculptures. Currently, lines for the exhibition wrap around the block, with some visitors waiting up to four hours (I waited two!) for one minute in each infinity mirror room. I'll admit it really is ludicrous all in the name of a few selfies, but the separate My Eternal Soul exhibit has no lines and is what really caught my eye. The paintings wrap around the room from floor to ceiling creating this kaleidoscope of colors that instantly create a vibrant, cheerful space that will surely be a mood lifter as winter begins to settle in New York.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fashion Tyro: Black Cest Très Chic

This fall's indian summer has left New Yorkers in a what-should-I-wear conundrum as the weather keeps teasing us with crisp autumn temps one day followed by blazing summer tempers the next. With my closet stuck in a two season style limbo, the only thing that never fails to be très chic in any season here is black. This outfit was a fun mix of old pieces I've collected over the years and wore throughout the summer, but with 75 degrees for tomorrow's forecast it looks like I'll be wearing this into early November. 

OOTD: top: betsey johnson | skirt: zara | shoes: kate spade | sunglasses: kate spade | bracelet j.crew

Monday, September 25, 2017

Design Tyro: First Apartment Mood Board

Some of my oldest and fondest memories of my childhood bedroom evolve around
my desk. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a mood board hanging over my desk chock full of photos, magazine cut-outs of movies and icons, ticket stubs, post cards, and many other odds and ends. From homework assignments to painting, and eventually blogging, my mood board always provided a quick dose of inspiration in a glance. As I got older, I became much more conscientious of the board's overall aesthetic and meticulous of the memorabilia taking up precious real estate. While my parent's no longer live in my childhood home, my mood board still hangs over my desk in their new home, unchanged from my high school days like a time capsule of my childhood. 

Naturally, an inspiration board became essential throughout my years of college as I found the bare bone design of a dorm room dreary and boring without pops of color and inspiration. And now in my first "adult" home in my tiny shoebox New York apartment, I've carefully curated a mood board that feeds me inspiration and showcases my evolving taste in design/aesthetics and the many things I love. I hope you find inspiration in it too.

Instagram Snapshots from Los Angeles to England, and the Alps

Postcards of Van Gogh's Starry Night currently on display at the MOMA, a bunny-fied Van Gogh Self Portrait from Duck & Bunny in Providence, and my favorite Gainsborough portrait as seen at the National Gallery in London

Chinoiserie + Ikat + Brocade Obsession? Check, check, check!

Odds and Ends from my favorite NY spots: Cafe Medi | Le Cou Cou | The Met | Maman | Book Culture | Strand Bookstore

Fabric scraps and Italian ceramic buttons DIY-ed to push pins from MOOD

Nautical & Navy addiction? Present. 

Vintage scarf turned bow from mom

Vintage stamps from Paris and a polaroid from 

My college fraternity pin and a senior year
sailing snapshot

DIY Matisse cut outs and watercolor oyster


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Carrie Bradshaw Style in the City

Like most young and fashionable women in the city of New York, I can't help but fantasize that some of my style moments are worthy of a Carrie Bradshaw outfit on an episode of Sex and City. When I spotted this feminine ruffled skirt on sale at an H&M downtown, I was instantly (and literally) tickled pink but unsure if I'd look more five year old than girl about town. Yet, as the only one left on the sale rack conveniently in my size, it seemed like fate stepping in. I have now worn this skirt twice around the city and my uncertainty quickly subsided after having multiple women approach me on the subway, in the office, and on the sidewalk to let me know how much they love it too. Of course, when one of them pointed out that it reminded them of Carrie Bradshaw's iconic tutu skirt in the opening credits of SATC (that skirt was also a random bargain find), I was officially sold then and there. 
Don't be the least bit surprised if you see me on the streets with it!

OOTD: shirt: Brooks Brothers | skirt: H&M | shoes: Zara | bag: kate spade new york
bracelet: J.Crew

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Where to Rest & Refuel While Biking on Nantucket

Handlebar Cafe 

Bluff Walk

'Sconset Beach

Sankaty Head Lighthouse (see more here)

Steps Beach

Madaket Beach (See more here)

In my previous post about riding around Nantucket with the Schwinn Summer House crew, I shared some of my favorite must-see spots. While biking is hands-down my preferred method of travel on the island (there's numerous trails and bike rental shops that make it safe and easy to get around), it can get a bit arduous for those who don't usually bike long distances— myself included! Luckily Nantucket has numerous spots to rest and refuel throughout your ride, so there's no reason not to "put the pedal to the metal".

As most journeys in Nantucket begin downtown, start your ride with a stop at the appropriately themed Handelebar Cafe for a cup of coffee. The hidden outdoor patio is a perfect secluded spot to sip on one of their lavender lattes as you chart out your course for the day. Skip the baked goods though and instead ride about 1.5 miles to Downyflake for some homemade donuts after. Even the diehard New England Dunkin Donuts loyalists will tell you the chocolate donuts are heavenly. 

Just as your sugar rush begins to kick in, you'll be ready to face the seven mile ride to the quaint village of 'Sconset where you can wander down the Bluff Walk trail, continue riding down to the iconic Sankaty Head Lighthouse, or soak up the sun at Sconset Beach (pictured above). Once your afternoon hunger kicks in again, head west across the island for about 11 miles on Milestone Road to Cisco Brewery. While the 11 mile bike ride might sound daunting, it is well worth the trek to indulge in some local beer, wine, and cider, live music, and gourmet food trucks (think lobster rolls). 

If you're feeling recovered and ambitious post-lunch, you can continue riding out 6.5 miles to Madaket Beach to get a glimpse of the western side of the island. Rolling up to Madaket truly feels like you've come upon the end of the world and offers a spectacular sunset over the ocean that is unmatched by any sunset I've ever experienced. The local favorite Millie's Restaurant is also steps away and serves baja-style dishes like fresh fish tacos. However, if the ride to Madaket feels like too much after a long day of cycling, Steps Beach is another beautiful and often quieter beach three miles away from Cisco Brewery. The large rolling dunes make it my favorite beach on the island by far and nearby Galley Beach is another great dinner spot to watch the sunset with a glass of wine.

Since there's always room for dessert (especially on vacation), end your journey with a quick ride (less than a mile!) down to Juice Bar in downtown Nantucket to end the day with a scoop or two of ice cream. The lines there can get lengthy in peak summer time, so by the time you'll get to the counter you might even be hungry again!

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