Tuesday, August 30, 2016

London Calling

I'm incredibly excited to announce that I will moving across the pond to study abroad in London
this fall semester. As a huge Anglophile (I could go on forever about the Tudors and/or Jane Austen), I've dreamed of visiting England since I was a kid; I can't wait to explore London over the next four months with my Schwinn bike in tow. I've got an ongoing list more than a decade old, but please share any of your favorite must-see British gems! 
Have a favorite bike path, I'd love to know!  

ootd: trench coat: Zara | boots: Hunter | top: J.Crew | skirt: J.Crew

Looking forward to a adventures ahead with Schwinn!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Tyro Tidbits: Dutch Pancake Recipe

Cooking has never been my forte (I would gladly be the Takeout Queen than Julia Child), but baking is something I've always been able to get on board with. After having a dutch pancake at one of my favorite NY brunch spots this summer, I decided to give it a try one Sunday morning at home. I used this simple recipe from the NY Times with a blueberry compote sprinkled in with sliced almonds, powdered sugar, and fresh fruit. It's both ridiculously delicious to eat and easy to make— perfect for a Sunday breakfast at home on the off chance that your fridge isn't completely empty… 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

NYC Summer 2016: August

Dear NY,
Thanks for another great summer of adventures. From brunching my way around the city to watching sunrises and sunsets out with friends, museum hopping uptown to downtown, exploring city streets on leisurely, lazy weekends and everything in between, I gained so many new opportunities, memories, friends. You never failed to inspire me, challenge me, and change my outlook; I feel incredibly lucky to have called you home.
See you later,

North River Lobster Co

Met's Game

Central Park

Gallery Hopping

The Frick


Battery Park

Historic Brooklyn Heights


Battery Park

Seaport District

Upper East Side


Upper West Side

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Travel Tyro: Historic Brooklyn Heights, Battery Park, and the Seaport District

During my last two weeks of my summer in NYC, I decided to spend a lot of my free time in August exploring new areas including Brooklyn (mainly Williamsburg, Historic Brooklyn Heights, and Greenpoint), Battery Park/FiDi (Financial District), and the Seaport District. All three territories have been "revitalized" in recent years and have various neighborhood gems. 

Historic Brooklyn Heights

Situated near the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the charming Brooklyn Heights neighborhood is home to many historic brownstones and national landmarks. What once was a military zone in the Revolutionary War became a haven for artists and writers outside of Greenwich Village in the 40s. Much of the area's architecture has been preserved its historic charm to become an expensive hotbed for families and Manhattan commuters. I loved walking down its quiet, residential streets with rows of brownstones; it reminded me of my favorite Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Known as a haven for hipsters, Williamsburg naturally has an abundance of kitschy art galleries, one of a kind boutiques, and trendy cafes and restaurants. I particularly loved turning a corner and seeing random pops of wall art sprinkled in. 

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Tucked in Brooklyn's northwest corner, Greenpoint is becoming one of Brooklyn's emerging neighborhoods for Millennial yuppies. Popularized by HBO's Girls, Greenpoint has a variety of unique boutiques, design stores, and cafes tucked in among the most unsuspecting suburban streets. My favorite is Bakeri, pictured above. 

Battery Park 

Originally a Dutch settlement with a "battery" of cannons, Battery Park is a 25-acre public park at the southernmost tip of Manhattan. In the summer they have a charming seagulls children's carousel a nearby upscale indoor mall and Native American Museum, and beautiful running paths overlooking the Hudson River with sailboats passing by in the summer. 

Brookfield Place

Seaglass Carousel

Nation Museum of the American Indian

South Street Seaport District
Recently, the South Street Seaport District has undergone a cultural revitalization with a design market, indoor Smorgasburg dining, and ongoing construction of new shops and restaurants. The area has some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan including the South Street Seaport Museum and Bowne & Co Stationers, which have roots that date back to the early 18th century. The area is reminiscent of Boston's own Seaport District (parts of it bring to mind Faneuil Hall) and is on the way to becoming a new Manhattan hotspot.